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My Personal Hedgehog

I first read about the “Hedgehog Concept” in an article on the Agile Lifestyle website. The article is over a year old, but the concept was developed by Jim Collins and has been around for several years. The Hedgehog Concept is basically the idea that if a person (or a business) can find a way to make money doing something they’re deeply passionate about and have an innate ability for (or do better than anyone else), they will be successful.

If I Were a Cereal, I Would Be …


Besides the obvious fact that it’s the “Breakfast of Champions,” I like that it’s wholesome and has a positive effect on the body. I try to be “wholesome” and have a positive effect on those around me too.

If I Were a Kitchen Appliance, I Would Be …

Either a refrigerator or a blender.


If I Were an Animal, I Would Be …

A duck.

Seriously … I’d be a duck.

Ducks aren’t considered the most beautiful of creatures, but if you’ve spent any time observing them, there are a few things you’re bound to notice. And they’re things I happen to admire and see in myself and other designers.