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If I Were a Cereal, I Would Be …


Besides the obvious fact that it’s the “Breakfast of Champions,” I like that it’s wholesome and has a positive effect on the body. I try to be “wholesome” and have a positive effect on those around me too.

I also like that Wheaties has staying power and is highly adaptable. The cereal box, largely unchanged over the last 50+ years, features new and different athletes, changing with the times but staying recognizable. The cereal itself can accommodate a host of different toppings – strawberries, bananas, blueberries, honey – depending on the mood and taste of the consumer.

I like to think there are certain aspects of my life that have “staying power” – like my work ethic and the marriage of my parents, celebrating 40 years this year.

At the same time, I look forward to and embrace change. I like using my problem-solving skills to adapt to situations and I try to make those around me feel comfortable.

Yup … if I were a cereal, I’d want to be Wheaties.